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Now Hiring Rural Economic & Housing Advocate

This is a job listing for Women's Resource Center

Job Description

Provide Crisis and Advocacy services in a manner consistent with the mission of WRC and in full compliance with all policies and procedures of the agency. Provide case management, crisis intervention, and empowerment counseling for WRC Safe Housing Program participants (including Rapid Re-housing); advocate for Safe House Program participants within the housing and welfare systems, economic and career-focused institutions, and other related areas. Assist Safe Housing Program participants in navigating systems, and conduct advocacy with various systems to ensure a response to the needs of survivors of domestic and sexual assault.


  1. *Assess referrals to the Safe Housing Program and schedule and conduct initial interviews to determine eligibility as defined by WRC program guidelines and contractors.
  1.  *Complete a History of Abuse with each Safe Housing Program participant to assess safety risks for the Safe Housing Program participant, her children, WRC advocates, and others; develop a safety plan for the delivery of services in accordance with WRC policies and procedures.
  1. *Develop and maintain working relationships with housing/property owners in the community, maintain an updated list of housing referrals and community resources and update the rent reasonableness spreadsheet for comparisons.
  1.  *Coordinate initial inspection and lease signing with the landlord and Safe Housing Program participant.
  1.  *Respond to issues, needs, and concerns of the landlord or the Safe Housing Program participant as related to the rental property.
  1. * Develop and monitor individual goal plans; provide case management, advocacy, and accompaniment in cooperation with the Safe Housing Program participant.
  1.  *Facilitate economic stability by providing referral, advocacy, and accompaniment to organizations and institutions that address budget and credit counseling, career and educational development, housing needs, and other related economic needs.
  1.  *Coordinate, schedule and facilitate group meetings with Safe Housing Program participant and their children.
  1.  *Maintain client case records. Communicate essential information in appropriate logs in accordance with policy and procedure. Audit and update housing files on a monthly basis.

10. *Assist with data collection and entry into the housing database and funding reports as assigned.

11.  Other duties as assigned.

Economic & Housing Advocate:

*Indicates essential job functions as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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