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Domestic Violence Statistics

More than 10 million people are abused each year in the U.S.


At PCADV, we’re working to eliminate this number. We can only do this with your help. By spreading awareness of the devastating effects of abuse, we can rally together to create change.

1 in 3 women, 1 in 4 men, and nearly half of LGBTQ+ individuals will experience domestic violence in their lifetime

$156 billion the estimated lifetime economic burden of intimate partner violence in Pennsylvania

3,030 victims were served in one day in Pennsylvania (2022)

In Pennsylvania, 104 victims died from domestic violence incidents last year.

54% were killed by a current or former intimate partner

Method of Killing

Victim's Stories

These stories illustrate that no age, race, gender, or socio-economic class is immune to domestic violence. They also represent its brutality.

A 35-year-old man stabbed and killed his pregnant 32-year-old former partner. The suspect and the victim had a 13-year-old son together but their relationship was over and each were dating other people. The suspect was upset because the victim was pregnant by her new boyfriend and had filed for full custody of their son two weeks prior. Family of the victim said she liked listening to music, singing and dancing, traveling, and photography. She had an outgoing personality, and her son was the joy of her life.

There is Hope

41,233 completed Lethality Assessments since 2012

28,108 were identified as high-danger. 64% of high-danger victims accessed services.

Pennsylvania’s Lethality Assessment Program has been connecting victims with life-saving services since 2012.

We know that lives have been saved as a result of connecting victims with domestic violence services and we are extraordinarily grateful for the law enforcement agencies and programs that have participated in the program.

Learn More About The Lethality Assessment Program

Your donations contribute toward programs like these, and fighting for policies that will help save lives.

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In memory of those who lost their lives to domestic violence in 2022

  • Allegheny County-11
    • Rochella Anderson
    • Rachel Dowden
    • Anthony Lofton
    • Vincent Roebuck
    • Travis Sanner
    • Robert DeVaughn Williams
    • Rasheed McKamey
    • Ibrahim Diallo
    • Sharay Newson
    • Darlene Harbison
    • Corey Washington
  • Bedford County-2
    • Tyler John Matthai
    • Laverne Lockard
  • Berks County-3
    • Jill Murray
    • Jackson J. Reyes-Negron
    • Alexi Omar Rodriguez Serra
  • Bucks County-8
    • Joseph Jakimowicz
    • Giovanni Gallina
    • Gregory A. Kurman
    • Jeffrey “JT” Tini
    • Nelson Tini
    • Samantha Rementer
    • Elizabeth “Beth” Capaldi
    • M. C.
  • Butler County-1
    • Frederick Orr
  • Cambria County-1
    • Jaydin Sanderson
  • Carbon County-2
    • Beth Ann Daubert
    • Josephine Lauchnor
  • Chester County-4
    • Jennifer M. Prince
    • Ryan J. Prince
    • Kimberly Ortiz-Zayas
    • Tiara Rodriguez-Diaz
  • Clearfield County-1
    • Jude Strock
  • Columbia County-31
    • Julio Cesar Perez
    • Tammy Edwards
    • Rosa D. Reyes
  • Cumberland County-4
    • Eddie Shaw
    • Frankie Thomas
    • Jessica McCulloch
    • Tamara Colbert
  • Dauphin County-3
    • Meredith Greene
    • Tyler Thomas
    • Carmen Q. Henderson
  • Delaware County-4
    • Deborah Sager
    • Chrisian Chambers
    • Sheila Gamble
    • Olivia Drasher
  • Erie County-1
    • Audrey Maria Kellogg
  • Fayette County-2
    • Brian Coll
    • Debra Sok
  • Franklin County-1
    • Kyline C. Keefer Avey
  • Lancaster County-3
    • Linette Ayala
    • Nemesis Florentino
    • Courtney D. Cooper
  • Lawrence County-1
    • Cecelia J. Liposky
  • Lebanon County-1
    • Lt. William Lebo
  • Lehigh County-3
    • Miles Brickhouse, Jr.
    • Victoria Nieves
    • Maria I. Guzman-Rodriguez
  • Luzerne County-3
    • Richard Novak
    • Grayson Evans Salazar
    • Kassadey Matulevich
  • Lycoming County-3
    • Linda Taylor
    • Andrea Meek
    • Jerry Zehring
  • Montgomery County-4
    • Keishla Arroyo-Rodruguez
    • Dyon Thompson
    • Harvey Harris
    • Tamara Cornelius
  • Montour County-1
    • Vikki Wetzel
  • Northumberland County-1
    • Cheyenne Swartz
  • Philadelphia County-20
    • Tasena Jennings
    • Lisa Shuine Jenning
    • Josephine Duggan
    • Naasire Johnson
    • Nancy Roman
    • Anthony Ham
    • Benjamin McMichael
    • Michael Thomas
    • Jane Doe
    • Bertha Johnston
    • Ashley Lockhart
    • Diniar Camp
    • Elaine King
    • John Doe
    • Sahmyra Garcia
    • Leila Al Raheel
    • Wendy Feldman
    • Maisah Larkin
    • Thi Dinh
    • John Doe
  • Schuylkill County-1
    • Megan Beury
  • Snyder County-1
    • Leslie M. Bailor
  • Tioga County-2
    • Trever McCoon
    • Jesus Iran Alicia-Santiago
  • Venango County-1
    • Brierlie Lorraine Walters
  • Warren County-1
    • Kelly Wadsworth
  • Washington County-1
    • Mecca Vaccaro
  • Westmoreland County-1
    • Kelly Steele
  • York County-5
    • Judith Ann Schultz-Hamberger-Snyder
    • Tamarra Deloache
    • Christine Fousek
    • Rylee Reynolds
    • Xuan Trang Pham