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Medical Advocacy Program

PCADV, a pioneer in medical advocacy programming, has operated a Medical Advocacy Program (MAP) since 1996.

The MAP provides funding to domestic violence programs who wish to establish and maintain relationships with local healthcare sites in order to improve responses to domestic violence. Typically, these programs utilize Medical Advocates to act as a liaison to healthcare sites and providers. The relationship between domestic violence agencies and the healthcare community is crucial, given many people seek medical attention of some kind, even if they do not report abuse to police.

A medical visit may be the only opportunity for a survivor to connect with a domestic violence program or other necessary resources.

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PCADV ensures that domestic violence agencies help the healthcare community effectively screen for domestic violence.

Trauma-informed response and referral are at the core of a medical advocacy-health care system partnership, and Medical Advocates promote this through trainings, systems advocacy, and technical assistance for health care providers. Medical Advocates can also assist in developing policies and other strategic measures to screen, respond to, and refer patients who are victims/survivors of domestic violence to the 24-hour support from their local domestic violence program.

To learn more about the Medical Advocacy Program, please reach out to our team.

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