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PCADV Secures Increase for Domestic Violence Services in FY24-25 State Budget

As a critical first step, PA's FY 24-25 state budget includes a $2.5 million increase for domestic violence services. We are grateful to our state government for recognizing that victims of domestic violence matter, but the financial gap domestic violence programs face is vast, and our work is not done.

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PCADV is the nation’s first state domestic violence coalition.

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The Real Cost of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence programs are at a tipping point, nearing a financial crisis that threatens the ability to keep their doors open to victims and survivors who are fleeing life-threatening violence in their own homes. The Real Cost of Domestic Violence is a campaign to raise the alarm about the dire need for more funding for domestic violence service providers, organized by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence and their 59 member programs. Survivors can’t afford to wait another year.

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Tackling Domestic Violence in Pennsylvania

PCADV’s 59 community-based domestic violence programs work every day to create pathways to safety and justice for victims of domestic violence and their children, working collaboratively to end the domestic violence epidemic in Pennsylvania.


Domestic Violence Statistics

victims died
from domestic violence in Pennsylvania in 2022
Pennsylvania’s local domestic violence programs help victims & their children find safety
from domestic violence in Pennsylvania over the past 10 years

The numbers — the stories — are staggering.

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You can help us stop abuse and rebuild survivors’ lives.

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Standing with Survivors

PCADV’s Economic Justice Campaign helps provide financial empowerment & life-saving resources to survivors and their families as they find a path to safety and rebuild their lives.

Survivor Story “I was finally in control of my destiny.”

“… When the Judge granted the Protection From Abuse Order (PFA) I wanted to shout out loud. Instead, I thanked her, I smiled, I turned and walked out of the courtroom to the rest of my life. I was finally in control of my destiny.” -Survivor

You can help victims like her regain control of their lives.

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