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Understanding Abuse in Later Life

PCADV’s focus on Intimate Partner Violence in Later Life is to strengthen our organization and the 59 local domestic violence programs to support adults 60 years and older who are victims and survivors of domestic violence, exploitation, and/or neglect.

Our work is advanced by generating an understanding of the dynamics of abuse in later life by using a survivor-centered, intersectional, and trauma-informed approach.

Pennsylvania Statistics

  • #4 nationally as being home to people 50+ years old

  • 2.9 million out of 12.8 million citizens are 60+ years old

  • +25% more seniors by 2020, with 20,000 being 80+ years old

Intimate partner violence in later life (IPVILL) is the physical, financial, sexual, and/or emotional abuse of an individual aged 60 and older by a current or former intimate partner, spouse, or family member. Abuse can happen in every community:

  • For some communities of color, abusers may make the older adult survivor feel like they are betraying their race by disclosing abuse by reinforcing how police brutality and racial bias exist in the criminal justice system.
  • For immigrant and refugee communities, abusers of older adult survivors may hide or threaten to take away or destroy important paperwork relating to immigration status, passports, ID cards, and/or healthcare cards.
  • For LGBTQ+ communities, abusers may pressure an older adult victim to come out to family, doctors, friends, nursing care staff, etc.
  • And across all communities, abusers of older adult victims often withhold information about banking, assets, and investments while misusing the older adult survivor’s money, property, or assets.

Webinar Working with Victims of Domestic Violence In Later Life

This recorded webinar was developed for court personnel to define and recognize domestic violence in later life, as well as identify ways to enhance access to justice for victims of domestic violence in later life.

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Webinar Human Trafficking of Older Adults: Abuse, Trafficking & Exploitation

This webinar will educate advocates on how to recognize human trafficking in older adults, the differences between human trafficking, abuse & exploitation, and will explore best practices and resources for older adult survivors of human trafficking.

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Online Course — Restricted Access Domestic Violence in Later Life

PCADV’s online learning course helps to define domestic violence in later life and how the experience of abuse differs for older adults, as well as distinguishes the difference between elder abuse & domestic violence in later life.
Exclusive to affiliates of PCADV member programs.

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Training Requests

PCADV is available to provide social services providers with technical assistance and training on Intimate Partner Violence in Later Life. Please contact our Program Services department at 717-545-6400.

To learn more about Intimate Partner Violence in Later Life, please reach out to our team

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