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Civil Legal Representation Project

PCADV works both on the state and local level to ensure victims and survivors of domestic violence can have full legal representation. To that end, we implemented the Civil Legal Representation (CLR) Project.

CLR is a project consisting of 18 legal sites throughout the Commonwealth and is funded through the Department of Human Services (DHS). The CLRs are full legal offices affiliated with their local domestic violence program. The CLRs provide direct civil legal representation to domestic violence survivors within their county service areas. CLR staff also use their expertise to advocate for domestic violence survivors in their local systems on matters of divorce, custody, support, immigration, housing, and protection from abuse. They also work with local stakeholders to change the way communities talk about and respond to domestic violence.

Through effective civil legal representation and promotion of safety and self-sufficiency for survivors, CLR attorneys work to secure justice.

Our current and future work includes:

  • Maintaining and strengthening the capacity and expertise current CLR programs through regular Domestic Violence Attorneys’ Network meetings, Webinars, and publications.
  • Expanding the CLR network through the creation of additional programs.

Civil Legal Representation is available to individuals currently receiving services from the affiliated domestic violence program in the counties with a CLR site.

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PCADV’s free civil legal information helpline, PA Safe Law, is available to all victims of domestic violence and other crimes in Pennsylvania. PA Safe Law Provides free and credible legal information, resources, and referrals for help navigating a variety of civil legal matters including domestic and sexual violence, divorce, custody, immigration, and more.

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To learn more about our Civil Legal Representation project, please reach out to our team.

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