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People of Color

We know that people of color experience domestic violence in ways that are different than white communities.

For example, people of color may not report their abuse:

Women of Color Network

Since 2011, PCADV has worked with the Women of Color Network’s National Call to Action Technical Assistance Project. Through this work, PCADV trains all our staff, creates leadership chances for women of color, and improves how we reach out to communities of color.

Women of Color Caucus

We work to make sure that Pennsylvania laws do not harm people of color who are survivors of domestic violence. One of the ways we do that is by supporting the Women of Color Caucus. The caucus is made up of women of color advocates who work at local domestic violence programs and they help to:

  • Guide PCADV’s standards and statewide policies or laws that might harm women and survivors of color.
  • Provide chances for leadership for women of color.
  • Offer money to survivors of color for their education.
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Online Course — Restricted Access Introduction to Cultural Competency

This course will look at the ways that we are all hurt by oppressions and that we are all responsible for working against them.
Exclusive to affiliates of PCADV member programs.

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