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People with Disabilities

PCADV works to end abuse against people who live with disabilities because we know that these survivors are at a higher risk for partner and family abuse than able-bodied people. We work with local Pennsylvania domestic violence programs to help survivors with disabilities get shelter, counseling, and other resources.

Like many people who are abused, people with disabilities often know who their abusers are: family members, caregivers, and other people who are close to them. Abusers know that the survivor may depend on them for care and might:

Under a grant from the Office of Violence Against Women, PCADV works with these partners to improve our services to survivors who have complex communications needs in Pennsylvania:

PCADV Resources

Online Course — Restricted Access Survivors with Disabilities: A 3-Part Course

PCADV’s online learning course for advocates explains how they can work with survivors with disabilities to create safety. It includes basic information on people with disabilities, a summary about federal and state laws and some ways to improve services to these survivors.
Exclusive to affiliates of PCADV member programs.

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To learn more about the Underserved Populations Initiative, please reach out to our team.

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