Our caucuses provide a voice within the governance of PCADV for individuals we serve who are traditionally underserved and underrepresented. Through these three groups, we provide opportunities for support and leadership training.

Survivors of Domestic Violence Caucus

The purpose of the Survivors of Domestic Violence Caucus is to provide empowerment, advocacy, participation, support, renewal, education, involvement, resources and an essential voice for battered women. As battered and formerly battered women, caucus members have experienced various effects of domestic violence in their lives. Having experienced domestic violence as a form of oppression lays the foundation and is the common ground upon which we can build, working together to end all oppression and violence against women.

If you are a staff member, board member, or volunteer at a PCADV member program and interested in joining one of the caucuses, please contact the PCADV Caucus Liason at:

717-545-6400 ext. 117

*Because participation in caucuses is confidential, you do not need to give your name or any other identifying information to the Caucus Liason when you contact them for the application.

“From the ashes of bondage to the wings of freedom.”

Gender & Sexual Justice Caucus

We are committed to confronting all forms of oppression based on perceived/actual sexual or gender identity and/or expression. As a feminist caucus, we seek to represent the interests of Coalition members, staff, volunteers, and service recipients who identify as having experienced such oppression. The Gender & Sexual Justice Caucus works to influence policy, standards, procedures, and practices to ensure consideration and implementation of best practices related to LGBTQ+ oppression.

This caucus was first established in August 1982 as the Lesbian Caucus. It was re-established as the Gender & Sexual Justice Caucus in September 2012.

Women of Color Caucus

The Women of Color Caucus (WOCC) actively encourages and supports the involvement and leadership of Women of Color in all PCADV programs.

The WOCC recognizes the isolation, frustration, anger, lack of representation, and invisibility felt by Women of Color in the Battered Women’s Movement.

To make a significant impact on the status of Women of Color within the Battered Women’s Movement, the WOCC is committed to the empowerment of ALL women.

The WOCC was established April 13, 1981, primarily to actively encourage and support the involvement and leadership of Women of Color in all PCADV programs. Women of Color reflect a diverse group of women and include, but are not limited to, those who are African, African-American, Asian-American, Native American, Chinese, Filipino, Haitian, Hispanic, Indo-Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Latina, Pakistani, Panamanian, Thai, and Vietnamese.

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