Excellence in Male Leadership Award Nominations

2020 Nominations Are Now Open

PCADV’s Engaging Men Campaign recognizes men as allies and demonstrates how they can participate in preventing domestic violence in their communities. As part of the campaign, each year deserving men are awarded the Excellence in Male Leadership Award (EMLA). The EMLA award is presented annually to male community leaders who demonstrate healthy masculinity, model respect and equality in relationships, and act as allies in the movement to end domestic violence. EMLA winners are selected from the Western, Eastern, North Central and South Central regions of Pennsylvania.

If you know a great man in your community, nominate them today!

Nominations close March 30, 2020.

No exceptions.

What We’re Looking For In A Nominee

  • Must have been engaged as a role model in their community for at least one year
  • Embodies or demonstrates one or more of the following:
    • Healthy masculinity
    • Healthy relationships
    • Positive male mentor to younger men and boys
    • Ally to those working to end domestic and sexual violence

Who Can Submit A Nomination?

Anyone may submit a nomination, though you may not nominate yourself.

Who Can Be Nominated?

  • Any Pennsylvania resident
  • PCADV domestic violence member program staff and sponsors may not be nominated
  • Persons nominated cannot be receiving monetary or other benefits from their involvement; contributions listed cannot be part of the nominee’s job description or duties
  • Nominees will be background checked by PCADV staff before being approved for the nomination. PCADV reserves the right to remove any submission that we believe does not line up with the men’s campaign or PCADV’s mission.

Selection Process

  • All nominations will be divided into their respective regions
  • In each region, PCADV will convene a selection committee. Selection committees are chaired by men’s campaign partners, previous award winners, and sponsors.
  • The selection committee will receive the submitted nomination form. All nominations will be measured against the same criteria (see below).
  • Decisions made by selection committees are final.


  • 40% – the degree to which their services/actions have made a lasting positive impact on their community
  • 20% – length and degree of their service
  • 20% – the extent to which their service or action would be considered “above and beyond”
  • 20% – the extent to which their action would be recognized and valued by the movement to end domestic and sexual violence


Winners will receive:

  • A framed certificate
  • Public recognition on PCADV’s social media
  • Public recognition at an opening ceremony of their region’s baseball partner
    • Eastern partner: Philadelphia Phillies
    • Central partner: Harrisburg Senators
    • Western partner: Pittsburgh Pirates
  • The ability to throw out the first pitch during the game of their region’s baseball partner
  • A custom jersey from their region’s baseball partner

2020 Excellence in Male Leadership Nominations

  • Your Information

  • Nominee Information

  • Please be as specific as you can. This is the only information the selection committee will use to judge the nominee against the above criteria.