Engaging Men Campaign

Championed by PCADV, the Engaging Men campaign is designed to provide a much-needed male presence within the movement to end gender-based violence.

Knowing that our society perpetuates tones of toxic masculinity and what it means to “be a man,” we acknowledge that many men may feel uncomfortable discussing domestic violence and standing up against harmful behaviors. PCADV wants to enlist men as allies and to celebrate those who are working in their communities to destigmatize conversations around masculinity and healthy relationships, and who have joined us in our mission to end domestic violence.

#HearMeOut Challenge

We understand many men feel uncomfortable talking about domestic violence. Our society puts a lot of pressure on men, too, to “be a man.” At PCADV, we don’t want to put men down. We want to lift men up, celebrate positive role models, and get all men talking about – hear me out – healthy relationships. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

The challenge includes completing the four actions below.

Step One

Accept the Challenge by signing the form below

Step Two

Follow PCADV on social media (on at least one of the following: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter)

Step Three

Share this challenge on social media, and tag 5 of your male friends or family to challenge them!  Be sure to tag @PCADVorg, use #HearMeOut and make your post public so we can see it!

Step Four

Have a conversation with a male friend or family member about domestic violence. Download our toolkit and follow our social media campaign for help on what to say and how to say it.

I pledge to model respect & equality in my relationships and speak out against disrespectful & abusive behaviors.

#HearMeOutChallenge Signatures

Toolkit #HearMeOut Challenge Toolkit

Information about easy ways to get involved and take action. It’s time to step up and speak out — We’ll show you how!

Download the Toolkit

We need to more purposefully engage men and boys – not because the majority of abusers are men, but because the majority of men are not abusers – making them perfect allies.

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