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Pending Legislation

Pennsylvania Legislation

Senate Bill 20 & House Bill 726 -- Definition of "Child Abuse"

PCADV urges adoption of an amendment to exempt a protective parent from liability for failure to act if he or she reasonably believes that acting would exacerbate abuse of the child, other children in the home, or the protective parent. Read PCADV's Position and Analysis

Senate Bill 23 & House Bill 726 -- Definition of a "Perpetrator"

PCADV urges the General Assembly not to impose failure to act liability on children under the age of 18 and requests for an exemption for protective, non-abusive parents from the definition of "perpetrator" and "child abuse" in failure to act cases. Read PCADV's Position and Analysis

Senate Bill 30 & House Bill 433 -- Reviewing Indicated Reports for Inclusion on the Child Abuse Registry

PCADV requests further amendment to provide that an indicated report based on an alleged perpetrator's failure to act can only be included in the Registry when the failure to act is supported by clear and convincing evidence and the perpetrator has had an opportunity to appeal. Read PCADV's Position and Analysis

Senate Bill 22 & House Bill 436 -- Failure to Report, Prevention of/Interference with Reporting, or Concealment of Abuse

PCADV urges the General Assembly to amend the crimes of interference with (prevention of) reporting and concealment of abuse to only impose liability on a person or official required to report a case of suspected child abuse. Read PCADV's Position and Analysis

Senate Bill 21 -- Reporting Suspected Child Abuse

PCADV requests an amendment to exempt domestic violence and sexual assault counselors from reporting statutory sexual assault on the grounds that it will deter minors from seeking help. Read PCADV's Position and Analysis

Senate Bill 20 & Senate Bill 31 -- Founded Reports of Child Abuse and Protection from Abuse Orders

PCADV requests an expansion to the provision of founded reports to be "restricted visitation to include supervised custody." Read PCADV's Position and Analysis

Senate Bill 689 -- Protecting Victim Children from Being Abducted by an Abusive Parent

PCADV seeks two amendments to the proposed Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act (UCAPA) that will guard against manipulation by an abusive parent and minimize unintended consequences to domestic violence victims and their children. Read PCADV's Position and Analysis

House Bill 939 -- Utility Protections are Urgently Needed for All Victims of Domestic Violence

PCADV requests to expand the domestic violence exemption verification in Chapter 14 to include Protection from Abuse Orders, other court records, police reports or medical records. Read PCADV's Position and Analysis

House Bill 1796 -- Supporting Victims of Crime Faced with the Choice of Help or Homelessness

PCADV supports House Bill 1796 that would prohibit local nuisance ordinances from penalizing tenants for calling police to respond to domestic violence and other emergencies. Read the Letter of Support PCADV submitted to the House Local Government Committee

Federal Legislation

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) - Reauthorized for another 5 Years!

VAWA will be not only reauthorized through 2018 but STRENGTHENED by the crucial provisions contained in the Senate version of the bill that PCADV and our allies fought so hard for.

The House voted, on February 28, 2013, to reauthorize the Senate’s inclusive, bipartisan Violence Against Women Act. This version of VAWA is stronger and more effective than ever before – with added services and protections strengthening legal safeguards for LGBT victims, immigrants and college students, and giving Native American women equal access to justice.

PCADV says THANK YOU to everyone who made their voices heard with calls and emails to their legislators, and who made the commitment to ensuring that ALL victims are protected.

PCADV’s Goals – Funding for Victims

At the federal level, PCADV’s primary legislative goals are to:

  • Fully fund the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA)
  • Protect and increase the cap on the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)
Visit our Funding page for more information about these vital programs.

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