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Pennsylvania Domestic Violence Public Policy Action

Pending Legislation


Senate Bill 1182 - Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention
The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence urges the General Assembly to pass legislation that strengthens protections for domestic violence victims by keeping firearms out of the hands of convicted domestic violence offenders and defendants subject to an active final Protection from Abuse Order (PFA). It is critical to the safety of our communities that when a victim takes steps to end an abusive relationship and seek protection through the justice system that her or his abuser does not have access to firearms.

House Bill 1581- Crime of Strangulation
PCADV urges the Pennsylvania General Assembly to enact an amendment to the Crimes Code to create the specific offense of strangulation. The legislation would raise awareness of the unique dangers involved in such cases and help prevent a non-lethal act of strangulation from later becoming domestic violence homicide.

House Bill 1417 - Pennsylvania Universal Service Fund
PCADV supports legislation that sustains access to affordable and reliable landline service for victims of domestic violence. HB 1417 will preserve basic and affordable telephone service in rural regions of Pennsylvania through the maintenance of the Pennsylvania Universal Service Fund. Read PCADV’s letter to the House Consumer Affairs Committee

House Bill 1051Early Lease Termination and Changing of Locks
PCADV urges the House of Representatives to make safety a priority for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking who face significant obstacles to fleeing a perpetrator by allowing for early lease termination and the changing of locks. Read PCADV’s letter to the House of Representatives

House Bill 222Public Benefits and Drug Convictions
PCADV is concerned that this bill will keep victims of domestic violence and human trafficking from accessing public benefits if the victims have been convicted of drug charges as a result of their abuser’s control over them and/or their enslavement as a victim of human trafficking. Read PCADV’s letter to the House of Representatives

House Bill 875 - Medical Insurance and Noncustodial Parents
PCADV urges the House of Representatives to consider the dangerous link that could be created between abusive noncustodial parents and their victims if abusers are required to enroll their children in their own health insurance plans. The bill was later amended with an exemption for victims of domestic violence. Read PCADV’s letter to the House of Representatives

Senate Bill 566 & House Bill 792 State Housing Trust Fund
PCADV supports expanding the funding for the Pennsylvania’s State Housing Trust Fund with money from the Realty Transfer Tax so that all 67 counties will benefit from the program. Read PCADV’s letter to the Senate Urban Affairs Committee

Senate Bill 333Preemption of Paid Sick Leave and Family Leave
Access to paid leave is an important benefit for the health and success of women and families. People should not have to choose between staying home to recover for their illness (or injuries) and keeping their job. Read PCADV’s letter to the Senate

Legislation That Did Not Pass the General Assembly
2013 - 2014

PCADV is still working to ensure that this proposed legislation safeguards domestic violence victims and their families. Summaries include the status of these bills as of January 2015.

PCADV’s Goals – Funding for Victims

At the federal level, PCADV’s primary legislative goals are to:
  • Fully fund the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA)
  • Protect and increase the cap on the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)
Visit our Funding page for more information about these vital programs.

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