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Praise for Coalition's Advocacy on Nuisance Ordinance Bill

Preserving Democracy in Pennsylvania!
HB 1796 was written to exempt victims of domestic violence from "nuisance ordinances" that allow landlords to evict those who call 911 more than a certain number of times within a given period.
"The preemption seekers assumed advocates in the area of domestic violence would not let anything stand in the way of passage of their bill. They assumed wrong. PCADV... let it be known they would not support their own bill if the amendment were included"
-- via The Huffington Post

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Remember my Name Domestic Violence Victims Memorial PCADV

Remember My Name honors Pennsylvanians who have lost their lives to domestic violence.

Jennifer-Staff-Serge.jpgJennifer Staff Serge from Lackawanna County was 53 years old - murdered January 15, 2001.
Gina-Marie-Lupson-Holden-Young.jpgGina Marie Lupson-Holden-Young
Carla-Gardner-Reid.jpgCarla Gardner Reid
Tarina-Fields.jpgTarina Fields
Andrea-Umphrey.jpgAndrea Umphrey
Michael-Ayers.jpgMichael Ayers