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posted on June 12, 2015

DID YOU KNOW? Survivors of Domestic Violence may enroll at federal health insurance at any time!

A major positive change in policy was implemented in June 2015 that has a dramatic impact on survivors of domestic violence and their ability to buy health insurance for themselves and their families. Survivors of domestic violence may now apply for health insurance through healthcare.gov at ANY TIME. They do not need to wait for Open Enrollment. They qualify for a Special Enrollment Period because they are survivors of domestic violence.

Learn more about this Special Enrollment Period for survivors of domestic violence on HealthCaresAboutIPV.org!

Announcing the 9th Annual #DVcounts Census

posted on June 8, 2015
NNEDVcensus2014 img_06082015 Announcing the 9th Annual #DVcounts Census

National Network to End Domestic Violence Report reveals gaps, highlights successes
In just one 24-hour period, local domestic violence programs across the country provided help and safety to 67,646 adults and children who were victims of domestic violence. Yet there were 10,871 requests for services that could not be met due to a lack of funding.
Pennsylvania Data

NEW - Learn more about sexual violence protection orders

stalker2 400x NEW - Learn more about <a class="ExternalLink " title="sexual violence protection orders" href="http://www.pcadv.org/Learn-More/Domestic-Violence-Topics/Protection-From-Sexual-Violence/" target="_blank">sexual violence protection orders</a>

Pennsylvania's Protection From Sexual Violence and Intimidation Act applies to adults and minors who are victims of sexual violence, harassment, stalking, and intimidation. Effective July 1, 2015, the Act gives victims of sexual violence, harassment, stalking, and intimidation a way to get a court order requiring the abuser to stay away from them. These protection orders apply when the abuser is not a member of the victim's family or household. Victims can petition for an order at the county courthouse or with help from a sexual assault program.

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