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Curricula for Youth

A wide range of curricula are being used to involve youth in violence prevention. Many will work in a variety of settings such as clubs, community projects, or classrooms. Young people learn leadership and healthy relationship skills, while also exploring the roots of violence within their relationships, families and communities.

Involve youth in violence prevention

Primary Prevention

Primary prevention curricula for youth may encourage classroom participation or encourage developing skills to make youth the leaders. Such programs works best when done through regular and frequent contact within a community and school.

  • Youth participation may mean joining a club or project with an adult as the facilitator.
  • Youth leadership means placing teens or young adults in a position of authority to use and develop their knowledge, skills and experience to create change in their school and/or community.
  • In order to preserve youth leadership, the role of adults is to assist with resources (such as meeting space, transportation, funding) and to act as role models.

Secondary and Tertiary Prevention

Other programs address dating violence as it happens. Curricula content teaches youth and young adults important skills, such as how to watch out for dating violence and ways to find help for themselves and others.
  • Work to change violent attitudes and behaviors on an as-needed basis.
  • Recognize that youth and young adults often experience different forms of violence in their dating relationships.

PCADV’s Curriculum Reviews

PCADV based the reviews on the growing body of evidence-based research about prevention work. In particular, the Nine Principles of Prevention were used to create an internal tool. This tool helped reviewers assess the effectiveness of the curricula, materials or campaigns listed below.

As a result, the reviews may offer some suggestions to broaden the impact. It is highly recommended that advocates review a number of curricula. This will help make sure a well-rounded prevention program is used that meets the needs of a community. Advocates should attempt to include as many of the nine principles as possible for each program offered.


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