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The Fourth R – Healthy Relationships Plus Program
By The Centre for Addiction & Mental Health -
Centre for Prevention Science, Canada

The Fourth R Program

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health believes that relationship knowledge and skills should be taught in the same way as reading, writing, and arithmetic. They refer to the classroom-based core curriculum as the Fourth R (for Relationships). It tries to reduce risk behaviors including:
  • Violence/bullying
  • Unsafe sexual behavior
  • Substance use
Many of these behaviors overlap within relationships. The Fourth R program addresses these behaviors by focusing on relationship goals and challenges that influence their decision-making.

The Healthy Relationship Plus Program

The Healthy Relationship Plus Program applies the same core principles of skill building and awareness as the Fourth R classroom-based programs, but in a non-classroom setting. It promotes positive, healthy relationships. Community experts should lead the program.
The Healthy Relationships Plus Program is meant for small groups (6-25 youth). It is delivered in 1-hour sessions for 12 weeks. This program is intended for youth between the ages of 12 and 18. It stresses the need for “youth-centered” environment. The DVD contains scenarios with relationship situations acted out by youth.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Website

Order the comprehensive package, which contains the program resource, a CD-ROM with electronic copies of handouts and overheads, and the Skills for Effective Relationships DVD.

  • Download pdfPCADV The Fourth R Review

    PCADV's primary prevention team is available to provide ideas for implementation or a more detailed review. Contact the prevention team at 1-800-932-4632.

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