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Protection From Sexual Violence and Intimidation

Protection Orders Do Work!
In this video, Common Pleas Judge Kathy Morrow discusses the steps you need to take to obtain a civil protection order.

  • Protection From Abuse Order
  • Protection From Sexual Violence Order
  • Protection From Intimidation Order

¡Las órdenes de protección funcionan!
In este video, la jueza Teresa Sarmina explica cómo obtener una orden de protección civil.

  • orden de protección por maltrata
  • orden de protección por violencia sexual
  • orden de protección por intimidación

The Protection From Sexual Violence and Intimidation Act applies to:

  • adults and minors (children younger than age 18)
  • who are victims of sexual violence, harassment, stalking, and intimidation
  • when the person who is abusing them is not a member of their family or household

The Act gives victims a way to get a court order that requires the offender to stay away from them. Victims can petition for an order at the courthouse or with help from a sexual assault program.

The PSVI Act is effective July 1, 2015.

2 Types of Orders

Adults and minors can petition for a Sexual Violence Protection Order. For example, a SVPO could be granted for a victim who is sexually assaulted by a coworker, and who has no other relationship with the coworker – is not now or never was a family relation, spouse, dating partner, or member of the same household.

The Protection From Intimidation Order was created to protect minors when the offender is age 18 or older. For example, a PFIO could be granted for a child whose sports coach or an adult friend of the family is stalking or harassing him or her.

A judge can grant an SVPO or a PFIO for up to 3 years.

Similar to Domestic Violence Protection From Abuse Order

When an abuser is a present or past member of the victim’s household or family, the victim is eligible for a Protection From Abuse order. PFA orders are court orders a judge can issue that require an abuser to stay away from a victim of domestic violence, dating violence or stalking.

If the abuser is:
  • a family member of the victim - PFA order
  • a stranger - SVP or PFI order
  • an ex-intimate partner or spouse of the victim - PFA order
  • a coworker or acquaintance of the victim - SVP or PFI order

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Protection From Sexual Violence and Intimidation Act - Recorded Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of the Act and how it differs from the Protection from Abuse Act. Also explored are the 2015 upgrades to the PFAD database and what the new orders under the PSVI Act look like in PFAD. Please join Rachel Haynes Pinsker, Senior Attorney with PCADV, and Steve Griffith, PFAD Technical Assistance Specialist with PCADV, to explore the PSVI Act and PFAD.

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