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Historically, the Coalition has relied on a broad array of government sources for funding. Three years ago, PCADV Board and Staff recognized this over-reliance on government dollars needed to be replaced with a strategy that diversifies funding to include individual, foundation and corporate support. Since that time, the Coalition has increased private funding from 1% of its overall revenue to 9%. The ultimate goal is to realize private funding support of 25% of the Coalition's work statewide.

Fiscal Year 2013 (July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013)
Coalition Operating Budget: $3,621,667

PCADV Funding Fiscal Year 2013 (July 1 2012 - June 30 2013) <br> <small>Coalition Operating Budget: $3621667</small>
Federal and State Government: $2,716,282 75%
Private Grants and Donations: $348,000 10%
Other Income: $557,385 15%

Total Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Funding:  $21,785,938

Department of Public Welfare Funding PCADV Total Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Funding:  $2178593
Total Payments to local Domestic Violence Programs Statewide:
Total PCADV DPW Support

Through a contract with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, the Coalition brings in more than $24 million in state and federal dollars annually.  Of this amount, 91% goes directly to the 60 local Programs to support vital services.  PCADV monitors local Programs for quality and assists advocates across the state with ongoing training and technical assistance.  

Anne Ard, Coalition Membership Chair

As the Executive Director of Centre County’s local domestic violence shelter and rape crisis program, I count on our connection to PCADV for support.  Not only do we receive direct financial support for our shelter and legal advocacy programs but being part of the Coalition keeps us connected to others who do this work.  We learn from one another, develop best practices, support one another during times of crisis, and know that when we raise our voice on behalf of battered women and their children we are a stronger, clearer voice as part of a broad-based Coalition.

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