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Prevention Strategies for ParentsConversation Cards

Tackling Difficult Topics with Your Teen

How you talk to teens—and what you say—matters. Here are a few questions to ask yourself about the conversations you’re having with your teen.


Illustration of two people having a conversation while sitting at a table

Does your teen get your undivided attention when they talk?

Healthy Relationships

Illustration showing two people with an arm around eachother

Do you know what your teen values in a relationship?

Dating Violence

Illustration showing one person acting abuse towards another

Have you talked with your teen about dating violence?

Impact of Social Media

Illustration showing a mobile device receiving incoming text messages containing heart and exclaimation point symbols

Can you identify someone using social media to control your teen’s behavior?

Mindful Parenting

Illustration of a person sitting cross-legged in a relaxed, meditative pose

Have you done something good for yourself today?

Self-care for Teens

Illustration showing a flower with the largest leaf shaped like a heart

Have you checked in with your teen this week?