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Pennsylvania Domestic Violence Public Policy Action

Public Policy

Law and policy play an essential role in society’s response to domestic violence. Likewise, it is essential for those who care about ending domestic violence to let their lawmakers know their views and help improve the systemic response to domestic violence.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

PCADV works diligently to make sure that legislators understand the needs of domestic violence victims and the programs that serve them, and we encourage you to join us in our public policy work.

Please contact your legislators to let them know your views on public policy and funding decisions.

The policy issues that affect domestic violence victims and programs are very far-reaching—from criminal law, to economic justice, to public funding for shelters and programs. The PCADV Policy Agenda details our current policy priorities, which include three primary areas:
• Homicide Prevention
• Children
• Housing
as well as several other issues important to victims’ lives.

Because the need for funding affects all other aspects of domestic violence services, funding advocacy at both the state and federal level is a constant priority. We encourage you to talk with your legislators about how important it is to fund these life-saving services. To learn more about the budget process and how you can help shape funding decisions, please read Overview of the Budget Process – State and Federal

Contacting your legislators is a powerful way for you to be a part of the movement to end domestic violence. Your voice is crucial!

Speak Up About Domestic Violence.

By reaching out and making your views known to your legislators, you can help shape laws and get the funds necessary for victims to access the services they need.

Your voice is crucial!

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