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Resources About Engaging Men and Boys

How can men and boys make a difference in the global movement to prevent dating and domestic violence against women and girls? How can they step in when they witness violence or hear negative talk about women in their families, schools or communities?

Many people are reaching out to boys and men to influence their behaviors. It’s important for boys and men together to talk about and learn ways to get involved in preventing dating and domestic violence.

Engaging men and boys means learning:

• What healthy relationships and healthy communication look like
• Respect for women and girls
• Skills and knowledge for modeling respectful behavior with other men and boys
• “Responsible bystander” skills and behavior
• Skills for becoming a leader in a community or in a school to create programs and policies that can change behaviors and attitudes
• Effective campaign strategies and messages that create lasting change in a community – by changing the norms that allow domestic violence to happen

Explore these organizations and people

working in the US and across the globe to reach out and get boys and men involved in preventing and ending domestic and dating violence:

A Call to Men: National Association of Men and Women Committed to Ending Violence Against Women A leading national men's organization addressing men's violence against women, and the eradication of sexism, committed to organizing communities in order to raise awareness and get men involved in ending violence against women.

Bell Bajao! (Ring the Bell!) is Breakthrough's newest international campaign, asking men and boys to bring domestic violence to a halt. 124 million people reached and still going strong, Bajao! uses television, radio, mobile video vans, press, leadership training and the internet to spread the word about how to put an end to violence in the home. Be sure to check out the media campaign (rings true in any language)

CONNECT NYC: Founded in 1993, CONNECT is a leading, non-profit training, educational and advocacyorganization dedicated to the prevention and elimination of interpersonal violence in New York City.


The Dad Man: Dads and Daughters (DAD) is the national advocacy nonprofit for fathers and daughters created by Joe Kelly. DAD inspires fathers to actively and deeply engage in the lives of their daughters and galvanizes fathers and others to transform the pervasive cultural messages that devalue girls and women.

Futures Without Violence (Formerly the Family Violence Prevention Fund): The Futures Without Violence works to prevent violence within the home, and in the community, to help those whose lives are devastated by violence because everyone has the right to live free of violence. Coaching Boys Into Men is a key resource for engaging men and boys.

Gloucester Men Against Domestic Abuse: Building a Strong, Local Men’s Voice Against Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault

Healthy Masculinity Action Project The Healthy Masculinity Action Project (HMAP) is a national grassroots movement to eradicate the harmful expectations and stereotypes our society teaches boys about what it means to be a man. A two year initiative, HMAP aims to build a new generation of male leaders who will model strength without violence and serve as positive change makers in society.

HomeFront Calgary: Canadian group working to stop violence against women.

Jackson Katz: One of America's leading anti-sexist male activists. He is widely recognized for his groundbreaking work in the field of gender violence prevention education with men and boys, particularly in the sports culture and the military. He is well known for his ground-breaking video “Tough Guise.” He has also recently published his new book “The Macho Paradox.”

Joe Ehrmann: Coach for America: works to inform, inspire and initiate individual, communal and societal change that will empower men and women to be their very best – personally, professionally and relationally.

Lundy Bancroft: an author, trainer, counselor, and activist on issues of abuse and recovery. His current work focuses particularly on men who abuse women and the impact those men have on the lives of both women and children.

MasculinityU: a coalition of individuals working together to bring change to our communities, colleges, states and country. The mission of MasculinityU isn’t to define masculinity; its to free men up to define it for themselves. Sacchi Patel and Marc Peters (Co-Founders)

Men and Women as Allies Initiative: Allied against workplace and domestic violence, Men and Women as Allies Initiative was started as a way to bring about social change and a commitment to help communities identify and develop their own responses to domestic violence, bullying and workplace violence.

Men Against Sexual Violence: The Men Against Sexual Violence initiative began in July of 2001 with the goal to gather pledge support from one million of Pennsylvania’s male residents. Efforts to include men in Pennsylvania’s anti-sexual violence movement have ranged from awareness campaigns locally in communities around the state, to rallies and pledge signing events at many of our commonwealth’s colleges and universities.

Men Against Violence Against Women (MAVAW): began in 2000 as a small group of individuals, both male and female, whose mission was to affect social change in the community by making men aware of the prevalence of violence against women. The concept was to develop creative and targeted marketing, education and communication tools to deliver the message that the issue was indeed a man's issue as much as a woman's, since the majority of all violent crimes against women are perpetrated by men.

Men Can Stop Rape: empowers male youth and the institutions that serve them to work as allies with women in preventing rape and other forms of men's violence. Through awareness-to-action education and community organizing, they promote gender equity and build men's capacity to be strong without being violent.

Men For Change: The members of Men For Change are dedicated towards promoting positive masculinity and ending sexism and violence. We are a men's group based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada that started after the Montreal Massacre in 1989.

Men’s Initiative for Jane Doe, Inc.: Massachusetts statewide clearing house and networking resource for men working to end violence against women, facilitating collaborations between men's associations, rape crisis centers and resources for domestic violence intervention.

Men’s Nonviolence Center: a project of the Texas Council on Family Violence has a great web site of resources, links, and other information.

Men’s Resources International: Their mission is to promote positive masculinity and end men’s violence and to support the development of men’s programs in diverse communities, and build a global network of these organizations working in alliance with women to prevent violence and promote peace.

Men Stopping Violence: A social change organization dedicated to ending men's violence against women. Men Stopping Violence works locally, nationally, and internationally to dismantle belief systems, social structures, and institutional practices that oppress women and children and dehumanize men themselves.

MensWork was formed in 2007 by a small collective of men who wanted to create more ways for more men to be more actively and proactively involved in ending men’s violence against women.

Michael Kaufman: Michael Kaufman is the co-founder of the White Ribbon Campaign. On December 6, 1989, Canada changed forever with the murder of fourteen women engineering students. Until that day, thousands of women in our country suffered violence with little recourse. A woman beaten was a woman ignored. A woman raped was a woman who asked for it. A woman harassed at work was a woman who couldn’t take a joke.

MyStrength: a project of the California Department of Health Services and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, a statewide coalition of rape crisis centers and prevention programs founded in 1980. Their mission is to provide leadership, vision and resources for rape crisis centers, individuals and other entities committed to ending sexual violence.

National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) is an activist organization of men and women supporting positive changes for men. NOMAS advocates a perspective that is pro-feminist, gay affirmative, anti-racist, dedicated to enhancing men's lives, and committed to justice on a broad range of social issues including class, age, religion, and physical abilities.

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) : was founded in 1993 as a key component in a national network of domestic violence resources. The NRCDV provides support to all organizations and individuals working to end violence in the lives of victims and their children through technical assistance, training and information on response to and prevention of domestic violence. Search their Special Collections for materials on men and boys.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: Their Mission is to organize for collective power by advancing transformative work, thinking and leadership of communities and individuals working to end the violence in our lives.

NO! The Rape Documentary: is committed to ending rape, sexual assault, and other forms of violence against women. Almost since the conception of the idea/vision for the feature-length documentary that has evolved into NO!, Aishah Shahidah Simmons, an incest and rape survivor, has been on the international road raising awareness about rape, sexual assault, and other forms of violence against women; and the critical non-negotiable need to end it.

Paul Kivel: Paul Kivel's work grows out of three decades in community education, engaged parenthood, political writing, and practical activism all focused on one overriding question: “How can we live and work together to nurture each individual and create a multicultural society based on love, caring, justice, and interdependence with all living things?”

Pip Cornall: provides workshops in Australia and the United States on male gender issues including violence & sexual assault prevention, on positive communication and gender reconciliation. His goal is “to educate, inspire and seed concepts of sustainable masculinity in order to create a safe and equitable world."

Rus Ervin Funk: an organizer and trainer for social, gender, sexual and racial justice for the past 25 years and just recently published his latest manual, Reaching Men: Strategies for Preventing Sexist Attitudes, Behaviors and Violence.

Schenectady Stand Up Guys: The mission of Schenectady Stand Up Guys is to raise awareness about men’s violence against women and girls and to promote gender equality in our community. They accomplish this mission through education, community projects and by holding events and activities that raise awareness.

Stand Up Guys: Started in 2004 in Rochester, New York, to motivate and encourage men to listen, learn, and speak up about men’s violence against women and girls. The mission of Stand Up Guys is “to raise awareness about men’s violence against women and girls and to promote gender equality in our community.” Pete Navratil and Jack Brennick (Co-Founders)

StopViolence.Com: StopViolence collects resources about non-repressive responses to a variety of violence, including school shootings, sexual assault, and hate crimes. The underlying belief of StopViolence is that punishment after a crime is not effective crime prevention; a safe and peaceful society requires justice, not overdoses of prison, chain gangs and executions.

UN Women. In July 2010, the United Nations General Assembly created UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. In doing so, UN Member States took an historic step in accelerating the Organization’s goals on gender equality and the empowerment of women. UN Women brings together resources and mandates for greater impact, such as UN Women Working with Men and Boys

Voices of Men: Ben Atherton-Zeman has created an educational comedy routine that uses humor and celebrity male voice impressions to bring the topics of sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual harassment, dating violence and the objectification of women to audiences in a way that minimizes male defensiveness.

Voice Male Magazine: Rob Okun, Editor. Voice Male chronicles the social transformation of masculinity. Since its modest beginnings in 1983 as a newsletter for the pioneering Men’s Resource Center for Change, Voice Male has evolved into a magazine exploring critical issues relevant to men’s growth and health while cataloging the damaging effects of men’s isolation and violence.

White Ribbon Campaign: In 1991, a handful of men in Canada decided they had a responsibility to urge men to speak out against violence against women. They decided that wearing a white ribbon would be a symbol of men's opposition to men's violence against women. Today the White Ribbon Campaign is the largest effort in the world of men working to end men's violence against women.

XY: men, masculinities, and gender politics: XY is a website focused on men, masculinities, and gender politics. XY is a space for the exploration of issues of gender and sexuality, the daily issues of men's and women's lives, and practical discussion of personal and social change.

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