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Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Stand4Respect's website urges adults to work for and with kids in preventing teen dating violence and sexual abuse. Strategies for warning kids about red flags and risks for dating violence and abusive relationships have limited success. Stand4Respect believes adults must work to eliminate those risks rather than trying to teach kids how to avoid them.

"By working together, we can use our knowledge, partnerships, resources and determination to ensure that the spaces that our kids occupy are safe, and to establish respectful relationships as the expected norm."

4 website sections/tabs contain concrete approaches and resources:
  • Talk With Us
  • Listen To Us
  • Show Us
  • Stand 4 Us

Staff members at the Indiana Coalition are eager to answer questions and to provide support. For more information on their efforts, contact the Coalition.

Hunger Games - Catching Fire Lesson Plans

  • Download pdfPCADV Review: Stand4Respect

    For a more detailed review or ideas for implementation please contact a member of the primary prevention team at 1-800-932-4632.

    61.4 K | 12/5/2016
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