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Days of Respect: Organizing a School-Wide Violence Prevention Program
By Ralph Cantor with Paul Kivel and Allan Creighton and the Oakland Men’s Project

Days of Respect is a step-by-step organizing guide enabling students, parents, and teachers to come together to create a school-wide violence prevention event that is
  • Successful
  • Affordable
  • Repeatable (replicable)

Learn More

  • To order the Days of Respect guide, visit Paul Kivel’s website
  • The Days of Respect guide compliments the lessons in the books Making Allies, Making Friends and Making the Peace.
  • Download pdfPCADV Days of Respect Review

    PCADV's primary prevention team is available to provide ideas for implementation or a more detailed review. Contact a prevention team trainer at 1-800-932-4632.

    53.3 K | 2/24/2013
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