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Exploring Dimensions of Masculinity and Violence

(from the International Center for Research on Women)

Modules deconstruct masculinity and determine how gender norms and male socialization lead to inequitable attitudes and behaviors toward women and girls. Based on work with young men between the ages of 13 and 19 in the Balkans, this groundbreaking international program aims at the reduction and elimination of gender-based violence:

  • “...by addressing personal attitudes about gender equity and a broader definition of sexuality for men, there will be positive effects on a range of cognitive, behavioral and health outcomes for both specific gender norms and expectations that contribute to violent behavior among young men.”

Modules can be used with young men in a variety of settings to address 5 questions:
  • What are the current social constructs, attitudes and experiences for young men, especially with regard to how masculinity is defined?
  • How do social institutions such as media, school, religion, family and peers influence social constructs of masculinity?
  • What are young men’s attitudes and behavior toward women and their relationship with women?
  • How are social constructs of masculinity related to men’s violent use of power?
  • For men who are not violent, what are the influencing factors and consequences?

Download the Report for educational purposes. For a more detailed review, please contact a member of the primary prevention team at 1-800-932-4632.

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