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Visas for victims of human trafficking.


In order to get a T Visa, the victim must show the following:

  • The person has been the victim of a severe form of trafficking;
  • The victim has assisted with reasonable requests for assistance in the investigation or prosecution of their case, or the victim is under 18 years of age;
  • The victim is in the U.S. because of the trafficking; and
  • The victim would suffer severe hardship if he or she were sent back to the home country.

The law also permits law enforcement officers to assist the victim of trafficking to complete the T Visa paperwork. A law enforcement agent may certify that the victim assisted in the prosecution or investigation of the case. Certification is not required, but it is very helpful to the petitioner.
Some petitioners may qualify for certain benefits during the time the Service Center is looking over their petition. Also, the victim can ask for a work permit for the duration of the T Visa. About three months before the T Visa expires, the visa holder can file a petition to adjust his or her status. This is when the person is granted the green card.

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