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To escape a violent relationship, victims of domestic violence need economic security - the availability of a steady and reliable source of income to sustain daily living and allow planning for the future.

Gaining Financial Security is the #1 Obstacle

Survivors of domestic violence most often cite financial stability as the reason behind their decision to stay with or return to abusers.

It is difficult for domestic violence victims to gain financial security and stability unless: they have access to the following:

  • Social and economic supports such as child support, child care, housing, transportation, public benefits, trained and experienced attorneys
  • Jobs that pay a living wage (with benefits and opportunities for career advancement), educational and job training programs
  • Longer-term means of support such as savings plans or retirement accounts.

No Escape without Resources

Abusive partners want victims to be under their control, so they often sabotage survivors' efforts to become more financially independent by:
  • Causing upset and injury before key events, such as tests or job interviews 
  • Threatening or harassing partners at work
  • Preventing them from going to work or school
  • Failing to provide child care or transportation as promised
  • Refusing to pay bills

Consequently, these forms of power and control by abusers can interfere with victims' education, job training and ability to keep steady work.

PCADV´s Economic Justice & Empowerment Initiative

The PCADV Economic Justice & Empowerment initiative offers comprehensive support and assistance to member programs, to make them more able to help survivors overcome immediate economic barriers and secure long-term financial independence and safety.

PCADV provides Technical Assistance to advocates who help domestic violence victims. Advocates may contact Jenifer Thompson for more information.

logo_AllstateFound150x1 The Allstate Foundation Partners with PCADV 
-for Job Training and Readiness Skills for Domestic Violence Victims

The Allstate Foundation Partners with PCADV
for Job Training and Readiness Skills for Domestic Violence Victims

By preparing victims for the workplace and teaching them budgeting and financial planning skills, this initiative gives them the tools to obtain employment, save money and start new lives free from abuse.

The Allstate Foundation’s 2014 grant expands and enhances PCADV’s Investing in Survivors’ Financial Independence Initiative. The grant funds four pilot job readiness and training programs at Wise Options in Lycoming County, the Centre County Women’s Resource Center, AWARE in Mercer County and the Victims’ Intervention Program in Wayne County.

In addition, victim advocates from across Pennsylvania are learning to use The Allstate Foundation’s “Moving Ahead Through Financial Management” curriculum with their clients.

For more information, please contact Jenifer Thompson at 1-800-932-4632.

Financial Independence Initiative Helps Domestic Violence Survivors in Northeast Region

Williamsport, PA, SunGazette, Dec. 29, 2013: YWCA Northcentral Pennsylvania's Wise Options program will use a $10,000 grant to help steer domestic violence survivors toward financial independence. The Allstate Foundation and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV) selected Wise Options as one of among four pilot sites for the program that trains victims in any number of areas related to job readiness.

Online Economic Empowerment Resources
for Advocates Working with Domestic Violence Survivors

Career Empowerment Tools
Financial Empowerment Tools

PCADV Works to Secure Economic Justice and Restoration

  • PCADV's member programs work in every county to provide domestic violence victims and families with emergency shelter, housing options and other services to help victims gain safety, financial stability and independence.
  • PCADV provides technical assistance and training to advocates, social workers, and others who help domestic violence victims, on topics such as financial education, job skills training, higher education opportunities, working with the welfare system, navigating the Victims Compensation Assistance Program, and working with the child support enforcement system.
  • PCADV legal department attorneys provide technical assistance to advocates and attorneys who help domestic violence victims with housing, employment, custody, and other legal challenges.

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