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When victims need protection from abuse

Your community Program accompanies them to court, helps them apply for a Protection From Abuse (PFA) Order and assists them in navigating the legal system.
Your statewide Coalition lobbies the Legislature for improvements to the PFA law and other laws for victims and collaborates with community Programs to make sure these laws are enforced.

When victims need help to escape the violence and begin new lives

Your community Program provides a hotline, emergency shelter, counseling, legal and medical advocacy, job training and other free and confidential services for victims and their children.
Your statewide Coalition administers the state contract for domestic violence services, sets standards for those services, distributes state and federal funding to community Programs and seeks other sources of funding to ensure the needs of victims are met throughout the state.

When victims need the intervention of police, prosecutors and judges

Your community Program trains these and other professionals about the dangers and obstacles facing domestic violence victims.
Your statewide Coalition develops the training materials, trains the trainers and partners with state officials to effectively coordinate Pennsylvania’s response to domestic violence.

When victims and their children need a safe and affordable place to live

Your community Program offers emergency shelter, long-term transitional housing and assistance in securing permanent housing.
Your statewide Coalition advocates for housing laws and public housing policies that protect victims and prevent landlords from discriminating against them.

When victims need public awareness and understanding of domestic violence

Your community Program delivers school-based education and community-wide prevention presentations and serves as an expert source on the dangers and effects of domestic violence for the local media.
Your statewide Coalition supports research on public attitudes toward domestic violence, designs and distributes public awareness materials and encourages responsible media coverage of domestic violence.

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Alert! Computer use can be monitored.
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