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Civil Legal Representation Funding Announcement FY 2015-2016: Questions and Answers



Q1: Can an Assistant ED or COO take the role described for the ED in providing supervision and fiscal management of the CLR program?
A1: Yes, it is fine for the ED to delegate that responsibility. The important point to make is that the ED/Asst ED/COO manages personnel and fiscal and the attorneys make decisions about individual case management.

Q2: How many programs do you expect to fund?
A: With the current amount of funding available, we expect to be able to fund approximately 12.

Q3. Can PCADV offer average amounts that CLR attorneys are paid? I acknowledge there is a sample amount in the budget but we are curious as to what an average salary would be taking into account urban versus rural.
A. Attorney salaries vary widely across Pennsylvania. PCADV recommends that programs contact their local bar association and legal services office to obtain salary figures that are representative of local salary ranges.

Q4: In the conference call it was noted that more detail would be provided for the 1st twelve months, but as ongoing program, would it suffice to say the goals and objectives would be the same for years two and three? Do you want them restated or should we just do one set for the three years?
A. While it is possible that an applicant would have identical goals and objectives for all three years of the funding period, it is just as possible that an applicant may not. For example, a new applicant may gradually build either in number of cases handled and/or the types of cases they take. However, a continuation applicant may propose in year one to do a certain type of work and gradually add on new areas of the law in subsequent years. For example, in year one applicant intends to build a coalition of organizations working with battered immigrant women and get their staff trained, and year two start to take immigration cases with an increasing number of said cases in year three. So, applicants should provide the information as requested in a manner that best corresponds to their approach to the project.

Q5: Does PCADV anticipate funding multiple CLRs within the same county, or is there preference to award to different counties across the state?
A. Independent Review Teams will read and score each application. No preferences to continue funding for already established CLR projects or to fund different counties across the state have been established.

Q6. Can a new CLR program applicant apply to serve more than one county?
A. Either a new or an existing CLR program applicant may apply to serve more than one county.

Q7. After reviewing the RFP, I noticed that submissions must be made “in a Word/Excel format to the attention of Carole Alexy, Director of Contracts, at calexy@pcadv.org." Given that the signature page must be signed, as well as any letters of support, is it permissible to send these as PDFs? I ask because Word does not yet offer a feature that allows someone to send a document with a physical signature represented.
A. For purposes of the medical advocacy or civil legal representation applications, you may send the signature page and any letters of support you want to include as PDFs.

Q8. Are support letters required for CLR and MAP? And if so, is there a specific number required?
A. Support letters are not required for either CLR or for MAP.

Q9: On page 13 of the RFP it indicates that expenditures for construction and equipment are disallowed. I'm assuming that "equipment" does not include computers, printers, or office furniture needed for the project? Should those things be categorized under “office supplies?"
A: Items such as computers, printers and furniture priced at $5000 or less per unit are allowed and should be put in the Supplies category. We don’t want you spending CLR money on construction or on equipment in excess of $5000.

Q10. May we include the cost of property and/or pension appraisals in the budget?
A. Please refer to page 7 of the Funding Announcement, section II-C d). Allowable Activities.

Q11.The certification letter for CLR says to (pick one) of the following but 1-4 all seem to apply. Can you clarify what the “pick one” is referring to?
A. All four requirements do apply. What you are “picking” is whether or not your program is in compliance with the requirements currently or will comply with the requirements if the project is funded.

Q12. When describing the caseload of the CLR program and setting objectives for caseload numbers, should we list all cases handled by CLR regardless of funding source (e.g. IOLTA, OVW, etc.) or should the caseload and number of victims who receive legal representation be limited to what PCADV funding specifically supports? Historically, we have been asked by PCADV to report on all cases handled by the CLR project regardless of funding.
A. I would recommend describing the total number of cases your legal office will handle from all funds and the subset of that number attributable to CLR funding. We want to be able to assess what you are going to be able to do with that pot of money — number of FTEs and the quantity and types of cases they anticipate they will handle.

Q13. May resumes of key staff and funded staff be attached to the application (in addition to job descriptions and not counted as part of the 20 pages)?
A. Yes, you may attach resumes. They would not be counted in your 20-page limit.

Q14. Can a county have more than one CLR project?
A. There are no restrictions on the number of CLR projects that could be funded in any given county.

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