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Working Together: Your Community Programs and Statewide Coalition

PCADV’s 60 community-based Programs and statewide office are joined in a coalition, acting hand in hand on behalf of domestic violence victims and their children. The community Programs and statewide Coalition form interconnecting links in a chain of services and sup- port so victims can find safety, obtain justice and build new lives free of abuse. Working together, we complement each other’s efforts. And, united as a Coalition, we multiply our influence on policies and laws that affect victims.


  • Breaking the generational cycle of violence for children, teens and young adults by changing public attitudes and social norms to create a future in which lives are neither lost to nor limited by domestic violence.


  • Ensuring the consistent quality of accessible, effective, free and confidential services to meet the complex needs of victims and their children
    • Serve nearly 100,000 women, men and children each year - more than 2.5 million victims since 1976.
    • Providing technical assistance and resources to anyone whose professional role is to work directly with victims of domestic violence.
    • Work side by side with professionals to ensure they have the latest information, strategies and resources they need to support any victim of domestic violence who turns to them for assistance.
    • Training a broad spectrum of professionals to improve response to, and safety and justice for, victims.
    • Trained hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers, judges, prosecutors, probation and parole officers, attorneys, advocates, healthcare providers and government agencies including children and youth, aging and welfare workers.


  • Speaking to Pennsylvania's diversity of need in a clear, collective voice to secure legislative, policy and social change at the state and national levels.

Pennsylvanians’ Views on Domestic Violence: A Snapshot

PSU survey chartIntervene Pennsylvanians’ Views on Domestic Violence: A Snapshot

In 2011, PCADV partnered with the Center for Survey Research at Penn State Harrisburg to conduct a statewide landline and cell phone survey about Pennsylvanians’ knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about domestic violence. This survey will shape PCADV’s statewide Public Awareness Campaign and guide PCADV’s Statewide Plan for the Prevention of Domestic Violence.

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