VAWAconferenceLOGOsls Prevention of Teen Dating Violence Workshops

Prevention of Teen Dating Violence Workshops

Using a Social Justice Framework to Prevent Teen Dating Violence (Part 1)

with Tasha Isaac, Bethany Bower
This highly interactive training will focus on preventing teen dating violence and oppression present in our schools and communities. The session will focus on adultism, sexism, racism, heterosexism, classism and the ways in which these “isms” contribute to TDV.

Let Work Begin: Being an Ally (Part 2)

with Tasha Isaac, Bethany Bower, Youth Panel
Youth facilitators of CAMPpeaceworks will speak about Teen Dating Violence and social justice work; how they reach their peers and have a positive influence through their efforts. This panel aims to examine youth leadership by discussing youth engagement after camp within their schools and communities. The discussion will also provide panelists with the opportunity to identify how adults can empower youth leaders with tools to make an impact in society.

Authentically and Accountably Engaging Men to Prevent Violence Against Women: Improving Our Prevention Efforts

with Ashley Maier
As engaging men has become an increasingly popular strategy in the movement to end violence against women, it is important to focus on not just the fact that we have engaged men, but more so on how they are engaged. This presentation will examine individual, organizational, and societal factors that impact men's involvement in the movement, offering considerations, models, and best practices for authentically and responsibly engaging men in the prevention of violence against all women and girls.

Not For Sale

with Carrie Speiser
This interactive training will provide an overview of the large scale problem of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. In this training, participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions about the scope and complex nature of this issue from a public health perspective. Participants will understand the laws pertaining to trafficking as well as the components of the underground sex trade, build knowledge and skills to identify victims, and become familiar with accessible referrals and resources. Prevention strategies and practical tips will be explored to motivate participants to join the movement to create social change!

Media, Technology, and Social Networking: Navigating an Ever-changing Online World

with Ashley Maier
In today's world, we are surrounded by online tools to communicate, learn and much more. They define our lives, and especially the lives of teens. Reaching those whom we hope to influence usually means turning on the computer or grabbing a smartphone. With a focus on the practical realities of on-the-ground, non-profit work with teens, this interactive workshop will walk participants through critically approaching online influences on behavior, especially for teens. One need not be a self-proclaimed "techie" to benefit from this practical session or, indeed, to survive and thrive in this online world.