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Housing For Survivors Workshops

Trends in Housing for Domestic Violence Survivors

with Elizabeth Hersh, Monica McLaughlin, MJ Smith
The housing funding landscape is changing dramatically and domestic violence programs need to understand the emerging goals and priorities at the state and federal level. These trends require programs to re-think their approach to housing for survivors while continuing to provide crucial services including emergency shelter. The knowledgeable presenters will provide an overview of housing options and the changes to the funding goals and priorities emerging. Participants won’t want to miss hearing about changes to familiar programs e.g. HUD programs, HEARTH Act, rural housing stability assistance program, Emergency Solutions grant programs, as well as learning about innovative places to seek new housing resources e.g. Pa Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Act, state and federal tax credit programs, and land banks.

Lessons to Learn: Non-Domestic Violence Housing Models

with Brian Yaworsky, William Reed, Jennifer Johnson
This workshop will highlight several innovative models of housing including mental health, veterans, and ex-offenders, especially as it relates to achieving stable housing. Presenters will discuss funding sources and partners, implementation, on-going challenges for these models as well as outcomes. Presenters will also provide commentary on how these models could work for the domestic violence population and allow for a question and answer period.

Rapid Models for Survivors That Work!

with Kris Billhardt, Linda Olsen
This workshop will cover successful approaches domestic violence programs in Washington State and Oregon have taken to move beyond the traditional shelter model in order to prioritize housing for survivors. Presenters will detail how their programs began and the nuts and bolts of implementing these model programs. Additionally, participants will hear guidance for how their program could begin to put a similar program to assist survivors in obtaining safe and affordable housing in innovative housing first fashion.
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Addressing Barriers to Housing for Survivors

with Rasheedah Philips
Negative credit, rental and criminal histories have long plagued domestic violence survivors’ ability to secure safe and affordable housing. This workshop will identify ways for advocates to assist survivors in navigating collateral housing issues with the ultimate goal of getting them in and keeping them in housing.

Domestic Violence Programs as a Part of a Contimuum of Care (COC) Program

with John McGah, Rose Clervil
Safe and affordable housing is a problem facing all domestic violence programs statewide. This workshop will provide an overview of COCs, including national trends, and identify and discuss problems and issues of participating domestic violence programs. Presenters will also discuss best practices on how domestic violence programs and COCs can establish effective collaborations.

Innovative Partnerships to Increase Housing Options for Survivors

with Cheryl Stuplin, Laura Schwartz
The closing workshop of the conference will focus on partnerships between domestic violence programs and public and private entities in the development field to increase safe and affordable housing stock available to survivors of domestic violence. Participants should come ready with questions as presenters unveil the ins and outs of housing development funded through tax credit opportunities.