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Pennsylvania Domestic Violence Public Policy Action


Every year, the need for and cost of services for domestic violence victims goes up. PCADV actively works for increases in funding to keep pace with these growing needs.

Federal Funding

Three Sources, Ever-Increasing Need

Domestic violence programs in Pennsylvania receive federal funding from primarily three sources:

PCADV is an active member of the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), which is the leading national advocacy group working to increase federal funding for domestic violence services.

The federal appropriations process can be complicated, and action needs to be timely in order to be effective. To learn more about the budget and appropriations process, along with the timeline for action, see Overview of the Budget Process – State and Federal.

State Funding

24-Hour-a-Day Services

The costs of providing shelter, counseling, and advocacy for victims all across the state, 24 hours per day, is staggering. Beyond the usual costs of any business, domestic violence shelters also must pay for the expenses required of running a 24-hour residential facility, including food and clothing for victims and their children in shelter, heat and other utilities, and gasoline for transportation to court and medical appointments.

Programs all across the state report drastic cuts and consequences. For example:

  • One program reports that staffing decreases in children's counseling and advocacy have caused a drop of 52% in children's services.
  • Another reduced its community education by 80% and eliminated school programs.
  • Another closed its Legal Advocacy office.
  • Another program had to eliminate services for children, and saw its shelter capacity drop from 17 to 1 because of insufficient staff to provide services.

Impact On Victim Safety

Cutting program staff directly affects victims:
  • For example, if one Legal Advocate position helps 250 victims per year with obtaining PFA orders, accompanying victims as they face their abusers in the court room, and accessing and understanding available legal remedies, then the loss of that one position means 250 victims will not receive those essential services.

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