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Protection Orders for Sexual Violence and Intimidation

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Call for questions about PSV or PFI orders in the PFA database (PFAD) - 888-235-3425

Judges and court personnel are invited to

call with questions regarding the PFA Act, the Protection From Sexual Violence or Intimidation Act, procedure, forms, enforcement, state and federal firearms law, child custody and domestic violence, the Protection From Sexual Violence or Intimidation Act domestic violence information and statistics, domestic violence fatalities, court interpreters, compliance with the Federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and other domestic violence statutes and case law.

Recent questions include

  • Custody modification in PFA orders
  • Violation of no-contact PFAs through social network web sites
  • VAWA prohibitions against posting PFA records on government web sites
  • ICC when defendant does not relinquish firearms as ordered
  • Filing of out-of-state protection orders

Training and technical assistance is funded by a grant awarded by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, using funds originating from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women.

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Contact us about customized training for your county, region or professional conference. Recent training topics:
  • Protection From Abuse (PFA) Act and Case Law
  • Protection From Sexual Violence and Intimidation Act: The Law and PFAD
  • Stalking and Technology
  • State and Federal Firearms Prohibitions
  • Responding to Teen Dating Violence, Sexual Abuse and Stalking in Schools and Through the Justice System
  • Strangulation Prosecution and Evidence
  • Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL)
  • Working with Victims, Vicarious Trauma and Burnout

Protection From Sexual Violence and Intimidation Act - Recorded Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of the Act and how it differs from the Protection from Abuse Act. Also explored are the 2015 upgrades to the PFAD database and what the new orders under the PSVI Act look like in PFAD. Please join Rachel Haynes Pinsker, Senior Attorney with PCADV, and Steve Griffith, PFAD Technical Assistance Specialist with PCADV, to explore the PSVI Act and PFAD.

WITNESS INTIMIDATION - The Witness Who Recants: How Domestic Violence Plays a Role

testify2crop2 WITNESS INTIMIDATION - The Witness Who Recants: How Domestic Violence Plays a Role

A Webinar for Common Pleas Judges
Play the September 2014 webinar
Download the webinar materials
View the Jurist Newsletter on Victim Witness Intimidation in Domestic Violence Cases

Watch and listen as the Honorable Diana Anhalt, of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, and Assistant District Attorney James Carpenter, Chief of the Family Violence & Sexual Assault Unit of the Philadelphia DA’s Office, explore domestic violence witness intimidation and strategies for creating a safe and effective courtroom.

Firearms Law - PA and US Especially for Judges

Safety In and Beyond the Courtroom
For judges, court personnel, sheriffs, hearing officers, guardians ad litem and others working within the court

Understanding & Responding to Stalking in the Court of Common Pleas For judges by experts from the national Stalking Resource Center, informs courts how to identify stalking and respond to it with appropriate sanctions and monitoring.

Working with Victims of Domestic Violence in Later Life Identify ways to enhance access to justice for victims of domestic violence in later life.

Technical Assistance and News Bulletins

Bench Cards

CourtAccessBanner200x Court Access: e-News for Court Personnel

Court Access: e-News for Court Personnel

Court Access keeps key workers in PFA offices, court administration, judicial support, and domestic relations offices informed about working effectively with domestic violence victims and PFA litigants. Court Access is distributed to email subscribers twice yearly at no charge.
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Jurist image200x The Jurist: e-News for Pennsylvania Judges

The Jurist: e-News for Pennsylvania Judges

The Jurist is tailored to Pennsylvania's judges with latest case law and precidential decisions, research about domestic violence, national and local training opportunities, and helpful tools such as judicial bench cards and web resources. Published quarterly at no charge.
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STOP Technical Assistance Bulletins - News for Local STOP Teams

STOP Technical Assistance Bulletins contain information about the Protection From Abuse (PFA) Act, technology and safety advocacy, stalking, firearms, primary aggressor and related issues.PCADV provides training and technical assistance to STOP team members, including law enforcement, prosecutors, courts and victim services providers.
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