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Jewish Women International -
Curricula for Boys and Girls

Jewish Women International offers separate curricula for boys and girls, allowing each gender to explore Jewish and popular cultural definitions of healthy relationships. In co-ed groups, the boys and girls are brought together at the beginning and then again at the end of the program - ideas for a co-ed discussion are in the facilitator’s guide.

Strong Girls, Healthy Relationships: a Conversation on Dating, Friendship and Self-Esteem

Helps give young women the confidence and knowledge to make healthy relationship choices. While not all young girls are dating, they are always receiving messages from friends, family, the media and pop culture about what it means to be in a relationship. They need time to talk about these messages and to discuss what they want and imagine for themselves. This is done within a Jewish context.
  • Provides a safe place for teens to talk and think about the important relationships in their lives.
  • Brings up dating abuse in the discussion of healthy relationships
  • Activities stress the importance of surrounding themselves with strong support systems

Good Guys: Partnership & Positive Masculinity

The program’s activities and discussions help boys understand what it means to “be a man” in Judaism. Boys are able to talk about the kind of man they want to be and recognize the pressures boys face to be a ‘strong’ male.
  • Explores issues of power and control, gender, self-esteem and relationships
  • Teaches boys about the role they play in having a healthy relationship
  • Activities stress skills needed to make healthy relationship choices
  • Three one-hour, boys-only sessions, and should be led by a male

Order either Curricula, DVD and other materials

Jewish Women International website
For topic specific resources go to:
Dating Abuse Resources
Healthy Relationships Resources

For a more detailed review or ideas for implementation, please contact a member of the primary prevention team at 1-800-932-4632.2

Original: six two-hour, girl-only sessions, with female leader(s)
Shortened: three one-hour, girl-only sessions, with female leader(s)
The longer curriculum provides a safe place for teen girls to talk about dating and friendships, their fears and the pressures they face. Longer version includes:

  • Journal/workbook with exercises for a girl to record her thoughts during the program
  • DVD: When Push Comes to Shove….It’s No Longer Love helps with discussion questions

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