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From Adversaries to Allies: A Curriculum for Change
by Hardy Girls Healthy Women

Hardy Girls Healthy Women (HGHW) has a focus on the health and safety of girls and women. Their goal is for all girls and women to experience equality, independence, and safety in their everyday lives.

Hardy Girls programs, resources and services have been informed by the latest research in girls' development. This curriculum is designed to create a safe and supportive space for girls to develop ideas, take action and experience the challenge of improving their schools and communities. The goals of the curriculum are to:
  • Create and active coalition of girls
  • Provide activities and facilitation for group discussion
  • Supply girls with a foundation for social change

HGHW believes in the importance of developing “hardiness” - a health psychology concept. It is a form of resilience that focuses on the kinds of relationships and communities that girls need to be able to grow and thrive.

At the heart of this work is the view that girls can:
  • be loyal and compassionate to each other
  • understand and question stereotypes and media messages that divide them
  • choose to support rather than criticize each other

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  • Download pdfPCADV Adversaries to Allies Review

    PCADV's primary prevention team is available to provide ideas for implementation or a more detailed review. Contact our prevention team at 1-800-932-4632.

    56.44 K | 3/27/2013
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