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VOICES: A program of self-discovery and empowerment for girls
by Stephanie S. Covington

VOICES is a strength-based approach to help girls (ages 11-17) identify and apply their power and voices as individuals and as a group. It is designed to be delivered in schools, outpatient and residential treatment centers, juvenile justice facilities, private practice, and community groups. Special considerations juvenile justice facilities are addressed in the Introduction of the Facilitator’s Guide.

The curriculum consists of four modules with 18 group sessions (90 minutes each):

  • Module A: Self
  • Module B: Connecting with Others
  • Module C: Healthy Living: Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Module D: The Journey Ahead

In the Facilitator Guide, each session is written similar to a lesson plan with objectives, structure and content for each topic and activity. It identifies materials needed and offers recommendations and key points for facilitators to cover.

The young women receive a journal, which contains worksheets that parallel the activities in the Facilitator’s Guide. Very limited homework is expected. Each session ends with reflections about the topics covered.

  • Download pdfVOICES Curricula PCADV Review

    PCADV's primary prevention team is available to provide ideas for implementation or a more detailed review. Contact the prevention team at 1-800-932-4632.

    48.7 K | 9/29/2016
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