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STOP Technical Assistance Bulletins

The STOP Program encourages the development and improvement of effective law enforcement and prosecution strategies to address violent crimes against women and children.

PCADV is awarded federal grants to provide training and technical assistance to STOP team members, including law enforcement, prosecutors, courts and victim services providers.

Transgender Victims of Intimate Partner Violence

Transgender Terminology - Experiencing Intimate Partner Abuse as a Transgender Individual - Barriers to Domestic Violence Services for Transgender People - Transgender Individuals, Intimate Partner Violence and Law Enforcement - Transgender Individuals, Intimate Partner Violence and the Judicial System

Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence

Intersections: Sex Trafficking & Domestic Violence - Get resources, watch the recorded webinar

New Strangulation Law in Domestic Violence Cases

Attempted Strangulation: Signals Strong Likelihood of Perpetrator's Lethality - Amendment to Crimes Code for Strangulation

Expert Testimony: Expanding Its Role in Domestic Violence Civil Cases

U.S. v. Voisine et al. Upholds Firearms Ban for Domestic Violence Perpetrators

Ensuring Basic Fairness to People with Limited English Proficiency

Complying with VAWA Requirements for Funding STOP Programs

Title IX and Mandatory Violence Against Women Act Certifications

Effective STOP Team Management

PFA Record Expungement and Due Process Rights, Implementing PSVI Orders

Protection from Sexual Violence and Intimidation Act

Relief for Immigrant Survivors of Abuse

Strategies to Reduce Domestic Violence Homicides in Pennsylvania Through Evidence-Based Practice

Enforcing PFA Orders on U.S. Soil: Full Faith and Credit


Teen Dating Abuse

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