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The Jurist is tailored to Pennsylvania's judges with latest case law and precidential decisions, research about domestic violence, national and local training opportunities, and helpful tools such as judicial bench cards and web resources. Published quarterly.

Children and Domestic Violence

The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children - Identifying Children Exposed to Domestic Violence - Community Response - Resilient Children with Safe and Secure Futures

Gender Bias

What Does Gender Bias Look Like - Gender Bias and the Law - Addressing Gender Bias in Ourselves and Systems

Offender Accountability: The Criminal Justice Response to Intimate Partner Violence

Batterers' Intervention Programs - Pennsylvania Has No Certified Standards -Types of Programs - Research on Effectiveness - Anger Management Is Not Effective

Pennsylvania Superior Court Decision on the Protection for Victims of Sexual Violence or Intimidation Act

Human Trafficking in Pennsylvania

Intersections between Sex Trafficking and Domestic Violence - Similar Challenges for the Justice System - Both Traffickers and Abusers Use Power and Control Tactics - The Civil Legal System and Victims of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence - Success with a Victim-Centered Approach - Resources - Human Trafficking Webinar Recording Available

New Strangulation Law in Domestic Violence Cases

Lethality Factors - Attempted Strangulation Signals a Strong Likelihood of Perpetrator's Lethality - Amendment to Crimes Code for Strangulation - 18 Pa.C.S. § 2718

Expert Testimony: Expanding Its Role in Domestic Violence Civil Cases

Historical Approach: Expert Witnesses - Experts Provide Context for Victim Behavior - Domestic Violence Experts in PFA and Custody Cases - Finding Qualified, Cost-Effective Experts

U.S. v. Voisine et al. Upholds Firearms Ban for Domestic Violence Perpetrators

Lautenberg Amendment: 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(9) - Use of Physical Force and U.S. v. Castleman - U.S. v. Voisine Includes Reckless Assault

View September 2016 issue

Language Access Means Access to Justice

Limited English Proficiency - Language Access Plans and Coordinators - Qualified Court Interpreters Roster - Judicial Benchcard and other resources

Mandatory Violence Against Women Act Certifications

What VAWA Requires of STOP-funded Counties - Firearms Notification to Defendants - Sample Judicial Colloquies - No Fees for Victims Seeking PFAs - PA DV Benchbook is now online

Assessing Lethality Risks in Domestic Violence Cases

Lethality Assessment Tools Provide Information to Increase Safety - How Law Enforcement and Probation Agents Use Risk Assessment Protocols - NY Judicial Danger Guide - Risk Assessment Questions Backed by Research - Pennsylvania's Implementation of Research-Based Lethality Assessment Program - Kentucky Allows Judges to Consider Lethality Factors

Expungement of PFA Records and Due Process

Ex Parte Orders - Orders by Agreement - Indirect Criminal Contempt Convictions - 2014 PFA Expungements By County Chart - Protection From Sexual Violence or Intimidation Orders and Rules of Civil Procedure

Protection from Sexual Violence or Intimidation Act

PSVI Act vs. PFA Act - Definitions of Sexual Violence and Intimidation - Violations and Contempt - Defining County Process - PFI Orders for Minors - July PFAD Upgrade Coming

PFA Orders and Active Duty Servicemembers

Firearms Relinquishment Under the SCRA - PFA Orders and SCRA Recorded Webinar - Best Practices for Complying with the SCRA in PFA Proceedings - Resources for Servicemembers and Families - Resources for Judges on the SCRA


Immigration in Custody & PFA Cases - Tactics of Abuse Used Against Immigrant Victims - Custody Cases or PFA Cases and Immigration Status - Tools & Resources

Intimate Partner Intimidation Tactics and Court Responses

Preventing Courtroom Intimidation - PCCD "Preventing Intimidation" Benchbook - Love Notes Constitute Stalking, Trigger Felony Charge - PCADV Domestic Violence Benchbook

PFA Orders

Force not required to establish sexual abuse under PFA Act: Boykai v. Young - PFA Extensions Clarified - Withdrawal, Modification, Discontinuance of PFA Orders

New Rules of Civil Procedure for Family Courts

Sample Pro Se Entry of Appearance Form - Sample Petition to Modify - Unrecorded PFA Orders Endanger Lives - Attachment A

How Courts Can Reduce Gun Violence

Stalking - ICC & PFA Double Jeopardy - Teen Dating Violence

In Camera Review of Temp PFA Ruled Unconstitutional

Ferko-Fox v. Fox, 2013 PA Super 88 (April 17, 2013). - Map of TPFA procedures by Pa County

Social Media in the Courtroom

Authenticating Social Media Evidence - PFA Expungement - Child Custody and International Travel


Firearms Background Checks - U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Individual Firearms Rights - Firearms and Lethal Domestic Violence

VAWA Requirements Regarding Notice To Defendants Of Firearms Prohibitions

Earlier Issues

  • Download pdfFall 2006

    Court Decisions Involving Domestic Violence

    210.88 K | 8/21/2014
  • Download pdfMarch 2006

    PFA Act Amendments

    108 K | 8/21/2014
  • Download pdfSeptember 2005

    Minor PFA Litigants and Domestic Violence

    290.73 K | 8/21/2014

The Jurist is supported by funds awarded by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD), the state administering office for the SASP Formula Grant Program. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of PCCD or the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women.

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